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Aug. 24th, 2005 @ 09:15 pm
I've been checking my email lately as I always do, and I've actually gotten something other than bulk mail shit. It's such a surprise for me to actually get something. Unfortunately it came from the least expected place, and it wasn't just for me. It came from a girl from my DTS class when I was in YWAM, Youth With a Mission. Yes I know that all of you reading this are probally asking yourselves, how the hell was Amanda in a missionary school? Ok well maybe one of you are asking that question. Well nevermind, all of you probally know I was a Bible hugger. Hey don't get angry, I thought it was kinda funny and not in a bad way. I have Bible hugger friends. Note the word friends. Anyways, this girl decided to try to get together a 5 year reunion for our class. I'm not sure I want to email her back, but I don't want to be mean. But how exactly am I supposed to break it to them that I've changed so as not to cause some sort of prayer circle starting up that I don't need and/or some intervention bymail? Somebody give me some feedback as to what to do. I know that if I respond they will ask me where my relationship with God is. I've gotten it everytime I run into one of my class (except Danielle and Heidi who are from here) when I see them online. I f anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 11:27 am
Your connection with darkness is through your
depression. Hated, sad and often feeling
lonely, there is only a few that appreciate the
real you. You tend to keep to yourself and away
from the world since you don't want to be hurt
and betrayed again. Music gives you the
understanding you need to get through, it's
your "therapy". Or you express
yourself through art or writing. Chances are
you're also an anti-social person, who only
likes being with close friends, if even that.
The world has finally showed it's true face for
you and you wish life wasn't this miserable to
live through. Maybe you'll find happiness in
the future, but right now you're just hiding
away from the world. Who needs people anyway?

What is your connection with darkness? [pics]
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Stupidity reigns supreme when drunk... Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 11:15 am
As anyone can tell from my last few posts, I must have had a bad time while doing something. Well the answer to all of this is that I was drunk and had gotten into a little argument. I was being dumb. So I went off by myself and had a little pity party that I really didn't need to have. I really didn't feel like that, but when you're drunk anything will come out. I'm surprised I was actually able to write anything at that time because I wasn't seeing straight. We were looking at other posts that night, and it seems I wasn't the only one feeling that way which is kinda funny.
It was a fun night other that that. Everybody had a blast.
On another nota, I think I forgot to post this a while ago. When we all went to Ozzfest I had gotten sunburnt. It is now 3 weeks later, and I am still peeling and my legs are a little red. I got sun poisoning. People it's not good to get fried, believe me. Especially when for 3 weeks you can't scratch any itches because it hurts to do so.
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Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 03:44 am
I am a horrible person. Everyone thinks so.

Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 02:42 am
I don't matter to anyone, even if I apologize to them. I'm not cute enough,thin enough, blah blah blah. I am drunk when I say this but even though I am in a house full of people still I am the one person they don't talk to. Gee I wonder if that is a coincindence. That's probally the wrong spelling but oh well, noone cares. Noone cares wht i think anyways.
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» What a great vacation...
My vacation has been interestingly awful kinda. On Saturday I got sick and went to the doctor's. They gave me Zithromax which I didn't know will cause you to be sensitive to the sun. We all went to Ozzfest on Sunday which was amazing other than the fact it was hot and I got immensely burnt. By immensely burnt I mean It's Wednesday and I am still in pain. I can't walk very well. I went to the hospital 2 days later because of the pain. They gave me Prednisone and Percocet. I'm feeling grrrreat. Well semi-great. The burning and stiffness still sucks but sucks less. Well maybe I'll have a good tan when the burning is all over. I wish I could put pictures on here to show how bad it is. Shawn and I are going to Kings Dominion on Friday and Saturday. I hope I'm doing better by then.
The Shippensburg Fair is going on this week. It's the happening place to be. When you're not burnt.
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» Have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ...twice?
I have now seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory twice, one with kids and one with friends. It was an awesome movie, very odd too. I can't put down the old ones because it is one of my favorte movies, but I think Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka very very well. He really made him seem childish. It followed the book, but added some things too. I won't divulge too much, but it kinda tells Willy Wonka's back stroy which I don't remember in the book. All in all it was good. The kids in the movie were good also. The oompa loompa songs were hilarious with the different genres of music and the sychronized dance routines. The nut room was funny. It made me miss Squirrelly. If you don't know he was, he was the squirrel I raised that we found while living in Waynesboro.
This past weekend The Spectral Facade had another show. Not a lot of people showed up except people that they invited which showed who actually promoted the show. The promotions company didn't even promote it very well. The guys did great anyhow especially when the storm started rolling in with the lightning in the background. I had a lot of fun and I was messed up too. My neck still hurts from going crazy when they were playing.
Next week is my vacation and Ozfest to start it off. I'm going to have a yard sale to get some money for Ozfest. Hope it goes well.
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» bombs away...
Last night was one of the craziest nights I have ever had. I geeked for an hour, and I don't know why. Jesse ans Bill's friend Christians brought out the fireworks and all hell broke loose. He lit this thing called Defcon Alert and it shot sideways so we had rockets going off into the woods and springing back out of the woods another way. We didn't know where to run so we ran back and forth dodging them. I'm surprised noone was hurt, but we laughed about it afterwards. They then started shooting bottle rockets at each other. I think everyone reverted back to being 12 years old again. We heard about it though. We probally pissed off the neighbors. It was a night of drunken fun.
» July 4th
I finally have a few days off in a row. I'm excited. Last night the guys and I went to the truck and tractor pull. It was actually pretty fun. The night before we took Shawn's cousin Leslie out. We got trashed and came home and met our neighbors. Leslie ditched us though and came back to our house at 3 in the morning. It was a good night, and I went to work hungover. Today I'm going to the Mountain House to see Complete Circle play then off to Jesse's for a bonfire and an interesting trip.
I saw my brother last night and his family. I haven't seen him in a while. He didn't know about my tattoos or my piercings, hell he still thinks I'm a good little christian girl. That changed a long time ago. That was a very good change. Going to Turkey was a major turning point in my life. Christianity is not for everybody, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. All cultures have their own way and every person has their own way. That's how life was designed. Don't change for others. It won't make you happy.
Bored now.. I'm leaving to go get trashed all day.
» Comics World
I have been sitting in here at Comics World for 9 1/2 hours now, and I am getting very bored. I have been reading comics all day now. The Exiles is a good series. There have been some interesting people in today. I really wonder about some people who come in here. I have also realized that I don't know much of what is in here either. When people come in and ask about about Magic cards I have no clue what to tell them.
July 15 is fast approaching. I am very excited, but first I shall be excited for June 15. Now what comes out that day? Everybody in unison- BATMAN BEGINS!
There are 2 dudes in here that are really weird, and they keep talking to me like I've met them before. I think they like me, ewww nevermind.
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